South Korea

Corée du Sud

South Korea - The simmanisFeatured

It was in the Sôrak mountains in South Korea that we met Park Dong Jun, a member of the Simmani brotherhood of wild ginseng seekers. Photographer Pierre Bessard had the privilege of following him on his quest for this now extremely rare root. A plant so sacred and precious that only the "chosen" of Sansin (or Sanshin), the mountain spirit, can find her after dreamlike visions and ritual purification.

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Asie, Corée du Sud

South Korea - The sleepwalkers of the beyondFeatured

A megalopolis of almost 13 million inhabitants, a "high-tech" octopus of concrete and steel entangled in a tangle of motorways on piles, Seoul appears at first sight to be an ultra-modern city. But this cloak of neon lights and giant screens conceals an age-old culture that is still very much alive among the Koreans: shamanism. Meet these servants of the "formless".

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