Belem, Témoin d?hier, acteur d?aujourd?hui (Belem, yesterday?s witness, today?s player) is a reportage book; as the pages turn, we embark on board a tall three-masted sailing ship, the Belem. The last survivor of her era, a survivor of history and a listed historic monument, the one-hundred-and-twenty-year-old Belem never ceases to charm crowds in all the ports she has visited.

Through the lens of Benjamin Decoin, we discover the Belem of today. In the course of the photographs, which detail and portray the majestic three-masted ship in its entirety, we are invited on a technical, human and poetic tour. Daniel Gilles?s meticulous captions, while providing us with valuable technical details, reveal the character of the photographs and put their beauty into perspective. Throughout the book, we are carried along in the ship?s historic wake: having changed nationality three times, in turn merchant ship, pleasure sailing ship and school ship, the Belem is splashed with the history of the world she has crossed.

The cross-fertilized views of the authors are sure to convey their passion for this marvellous three-masted boat.
Now that the book is finished, the good news is that we can still climb aboard for a little cruise and discover the mysteries of this centenarian, whose guiding star we wonder about.

Belem, yesterday?s witness, today?s player
192 pages
Editions du Chêne
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Text: Capucine Ferry