Women of the world

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and in the gazes of these women, photographed in the four corners of the globe, we capture the soul of each one. These women offer us their fragility, their wounds, their gentleness too. They carry with them...

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India - Rajasthan 

The tribal festival of Baneshwar Rajasthan. "Land of kings" in Sanskrit. Above all, a land of the sacred. Immerse yourself in the biggest religious festival of the Bhil tribes. They are blacksmiths, shepherds or farmers. In the distant past, they were a group...

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Egypt - Berber Siwa

Famous throughout Egypt for its dates and springs, the oasis of Siwa is considered to be the idyllic island of the "Great Sand Sea". Difficult to access until recent years, with little exposure to intermarriage, Siwa was for a long time another story...

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