In this collection in three parts: Le mot ment de dire vrai - L?au-delà source - Vert l'Orient, Eric Chazot unveils 143 poems expressing love, desire, illusion, voluptuousness, the passage of time, hope and the need to live fully in the present. Nourished by Eastern philosophy and Tantric wisdom, the author chisels out words imbued with sensuality and plays with sonorities to extend their meaning. Each poem reflects the poet's own experience or vision, but each reader can add his or her own, and let himself or herself be invaded by the words and images he or she conjures up. Chazot is a passer-by who deserves to be discovered.

Would this poem live if you didn't read it?
Yes, life is the same, without your gaze on it
It would not exist.


To the dreary hope of laughter
We mock, we laugh, sacred sex
Whom we adore and anoint
He who holds nothing back
launched us into existence
We have been damned by hope
And the awareness of death
Believing they are God or our forefathers
Feeling alone, wanting two
Joining the heavens from earth
Becoming oneself, being in hell
In singular expectation
From another time about to come
So that death finally comes to an end
Partying at our expense
Weaving like a snake
She surprised many friends
But I'm forgetting him thanks to the chablis

Author : Eric Chazot

Editions Atramenta